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Monday, December 16, 2013

Lady Night tables

I just finished making these night stands/tables.
     I thought I would show you the process of making a piece of folkart - from a cedar log to finsh.  I start off with a cedar log that's been in my solar kiln drying for two years.
     The next step is with the chain saw -  I have four types of saws with different blades for cutting different shapes.  Then I use the hand grinders.
     Then I use a hand-grinder for shaping and fine tuning.
     Then I use a hand-rasp and sand them.   Then I leave them to dry again beside a heat source for a couple of weeks. 
     Then I repair any cracks with nails and fill the cracks with bodyfill.  Then more sanding. Now the painting stage.
     The curl-up on their hair can hold keys, wallets, coins, watch, etc. - their full chest can hold an alarm clock, a book and other things.

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