This blog shows the folkart I make, my reproduction furniture and other projects. My studio/shop is in my backyard. It's a couple of miles off the main road in West Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada. When you come to visit make sure you see – the "Olde Times" Garden House Museum; Grandma's Attic; the Furniture Box; Grampa's Loft (antiques, old doors, etc. in my Dad’s old barn loft); and my World's Largest Egg Beater, certified by Guinness World Records.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Mitten & Glove Dryer

     I had this piece up in my attic for years and ever time I pass it thought it would make a great mitten or glove dryer . You can put over a heat radiator.  I'm not sure what it would have been originally used for - maybe something from a woollen mill.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Old dresser converted to Bookcase

     I had this old dresser with drawers that were no good to reuse - so I turned it into a bookcase. It can also be used as an open linen cabinet.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


     I made this wardrobe for a customer of mine - then made two extra for sale.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Over toilet cabinets

     I made these three cabinets to fit over a toilet - I had some small old drawers that I worked into the cabinets.  They measure 25"W x 11"D x 40"H.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Chicken Coop in a 1973 VW Bug - Part 3

     I took the outside inside to the coop and painted scenery on the door with clouds on the ceiling!  The nest box is made from an old steel bread box I had kicking around - I put a set of drawer sliders on the nest box to bring it towards me to collect the eggs.
    I carved out a fox - started with a cedar log and he's looking out for the chickens.  The feeder is made out of PBS piping.  Any of you who might be in the neighbourhood please stop by and have a look.  

     Also checkout this Youtube video about the coop!  Hear the rooster crowing!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chicken Coop in a 1973 VW Bug - Part 2

     The out side of the reno to the '73 Super Bug. 
     I took out the headlights and replaced them with fishing buoys.  The fender medallions I made using the following: the beak is from pliers; the tail is from a set of  tongs and the body is a small fishing buoy.  Where the engine was I have made it into a feed bin  for shell grit, etc.  For the back fenders I put parts of an old lamp to add a different touch.  I put a Venmar vent on the roof to keep thing dry inside.  On the front door window I put on over racks for screening when the windows are down. 
     I will post the inside reno on the next post.

Chicken Coop in a 1973 VW Bug - Part 1

     Sometime people out there call me a redneck - I guess with my latest project proves that! 
     I've been looking for a Bug for the last six months to turn it into a "chicken coop"!  I found it - this 1973 Volkswagen Super Bug. 
     I'll post the reno's I did to it over the next few posts.
     I fixed her up!  I stripped out the inside and put down a new floor, touched up the paint and added accessories!