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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flying Gulls & True PEI Gulls

     I just finished my gulls today.  The "flying gull" is for sale at $68 each
     The "true P.E.I. gull" is the one wearing our Island flower the Lady Slipper which is for sale at $138 each.
     Here are a few photos taken in my shop earlier this week - the gulls were waiting for more paint and detail.
For more information on the Lady Slipper, see - 
      The Lady's Slipper was adopted as the provincial flower on April 25, 1947. The orchid gets its name from the shape of its petals which form a pouch somewhat like a slipper. The Lady's Slipper blooms in late May and June and grows in shady and moist woodlands. These delicate flowers should not be picked, nor transplanted, as they will rarely survive a change of habitat.
      The Floral Emblem Act, Chapter 15, Laws of Prince Edward Island, 1947, and An Act to Amend the Floral Emblem Act, Chapter 9, Laws of Prince Edward Island, assented to 26th March 1965.

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