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Sunday, February 10, 2013

I built the World's Largest Hand-held Egg Beater

     One winter I was sitting in my family room trying to come up with an idea for a project - I had a large collection of old hand-held egg beaters on display in my house and from that I had the idea to build a LARGE egg beater in that style.  Click images to enlarge.
     From recycled parts I built the egg beater.  It stands 14'-4" tall (4.37 metres) and is 4'-0" wide (1.2 metres)  wide.
     I started with a Ford truck rear-end as the main working mechanism to operate the egg beater; then I added a tire rim to attach the beater; the bottom part of the beaters are made from the wheel hubs from an old binder with the spokes removed; the round handle is the ring from a store clothes rack with a spruce knob added; and the top handle is from a wheel hub too with a red spruce handle.
These are my brother Carter's photographs.
     I didn't set out to build the world's largest egg beater, however, when it was finished I decided to contact Guinness World Records to see if it was the largest and sure enough, it was!!   And on April 1, 2005 it became official!   Click on images to enlarge.
Above: West Prince Graphic Photo.
     On May 28, 2005 Debbie Horne of the West Prince Graphic wrote the following article in advance of my grand unveiling.
     On June 5th, 2005 I  had the grand unveiling of my egg beater.   I invited the Prince Edward Island Minister of Tourism, Phillip Brown do the honours of christening the egg beater, with an egg!
 Fun was had by all!
      Local cartoonist Wayne Wright drew two cartoons for the Journal-Pioneer newspaper - he had fun with it!
     Over the years people have traveled to see my World's Largest Egg-Beater - you can find  visitors vacation photos and YouTube video on Google searches.

     In the fall of 2005 The Edmonton Journal wrote an article about me and my egg-beater - see below.  Click image to enlarge.

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