This blog changed from a daily blog to a blog to celebrate the folk art of Kerras Jeffery, as well as his reproduction furniture and other projects. His studio & shop closed in 2017 following his passing.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New wall at YoungFolk & The KettleBlack - doors everywhere

    The folks at YoungFolk & The KettleBlack asked me to do a wall for them - i suggested old doors all over the place - my friend Gary and i did this a month ago.  here's photo from Facebook page... been collecting old doors for years and usually near 300 in stock - you never new there  were so many stiles of old doors.  you got to go see this wall at their Richmond street shop on Victoria row in charlottetown.
here i am in my "old doors" storage barn
if looking for old doors i have lots and probably the stile you need

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