This blog changed from a daily blog to a blog to celebrate the folk art of Kerras Jeffery, as well as his reproduction furniture and other projects. His studio & shop closed in 2017 following his passing.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Island Gothic

     I got this old barn board frame from a good neighbour down the road from me and framed my most recent piece "Island Gothic" - I thought it would look good in it.  This piece is three dimensional as you see in the photos below.
     The piece is made from wood.  The ladies brooch is an old button and the fork is made from an old garden rake and wood dowel.  It measures 28" wide by 38"high.
     I modeled my piece after the original "American Gothic" painting by Iowa, USA born artist Grant Wood in 1930 - the original painting hangs in The Art Institute of Chicago.   Mr. Wood asked his dentist and sister to pose as the farmer and unmarried daughter.  This is the most famous painting in American history.

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