This blog changed from a daily blog to a blog to celebrate the folk art of Kerras Jeffery, as well as his reproduction furniture and other projects. His studio & shop closed in 2017 following his passing.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

20th Anniversary - Part 4

    Special thanks to the folks of "West Prince" for your support over the past 20 years!!!  I've been fortunate to have many local people and businesses support me all year long - the summer months are busy with tourists, but it's the people of West Prince, as well as other Islanders, who help me to do what I love every day, week and month of the year!   
     It's a bit of a secret from the rest of the world that we have the best community ever!  Who would think I can receive a Museum Heritage Award and participate in a "Road Kill Exhibition" all here in little ole West Prince?
    Below are miscellaneous articles and photos from over the years.

      Growing up on a farm has influenced some of my art pieces, as you can see!

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