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Friday, September 9, 2016

Silver Fox

     I had a costumer in recently who wanted a silver fox piece made - this is the first silver fox I've done.  I made the body from an old buoy that I had upstairs in my attic.  The legs and tail were part off an old chair.
     Prince Edward Island has a long history when it come to silver foxes.  Back in the early years of 1900 Mr. Dalton and Mr. Oulton bred foxes secretly on Oulton's Island in Cascumpec Bay.  The silver fox is a rare oddity of the red fox and were bred to produce more.  The fox industry developed a huge market in Europe where it was the style of the wealthiest fashion to wear fox furs.  It was possible for a breeding pair of foxes to be sold for $25,000 ( a huge amount of money ) - in today's money that would equal $665,000 - imagine!!  In those days a person could build a large house and barn from the sale of a pair of foxes.

Above: Silver Fox
"a genetically determined colour phase of the common red fox"
definition cf.
Woman With Fur Mitt
Above: cf.
Below: Mr. Oulton's House in Alberton, PEI

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