This blog changed from a daily blog to a blog to celebrate the folk art of Kerras Jeffery, as well as his reproduction furniture and other projects. His studio & shop closed in 2017 following his passing.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Alberton Regal Hockey Team 1928-1930

   I reframed this old photograph with one of my rustic frames which I sell in my shop.  Two of these team members were related to the front row is Alvie Jeffery (1st cousin of my grandfather Louis) and on the right end is Harvey Jeffery, brother of my grandfather Louis. Dad always said he was an excellent hockey player - he could have gone to NHL but took M.S.  Harve was Muriel Gillis' father.
     I put the newspaper clipping on the back.   I zoomed in on the goalie who has a patch on his eye - he must have been hit by a puck. ..note on his knee a mascot monkey with the same jersey on.

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