This blog changed from a daily blog to a blog to celebrate the folk art of Kerras Jeffery, as well as his reproduction furniture and other projects. His studio & shop closed in 2017 following his passing.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grandma's Attic

     Above my studio and workshop is the attic (1,500+ sq.ft.) which I call Grandma's Attic - it's full of STUFF!!!  Useful stuff, collectibles and memorabilia - most of it's old and antique.  From teapots to cast iron frying pans; from iron wrenches to costume jewelry; from railway spikes to buttons; from cutlery to horse harness; from sugar maple buckets to door knobs; you'll be surprised what you'll find!
      In the back corner of my studio is the door to Grandma's Attic.  When you step through you're taken back a 100 years.  This part of my studio/workshop was an old house built by John Yeo.  The old house (the right side of my studio) was built in the late 1890s - we found old newspapers between the plaster and lathes placed there to stop the drafts. 
      I moved the old house in the early 1990's from my brother Randy's place just across the road, first using it used it as a garage then expanding to connect to my workshop creating the present complex.
Above: The stairs go up to the left - the original stairs were on the far right (below).
At the top of the Stairs you can go left (the old house) or right (into the new upstairs).
Below: looking into the old house upstairs.
The following photos are in the old attic.
The following photos are in the new attic.
     When I start a folk art piece I often go up to Grandma's Attic to see what I can find to incorporate into my work.  For example, the moose below.  The one on the left has antlers made from cutlery forks; and the one on the right has antlers from a multi-size wrench with nails for legs.
     As I said earlier Grandma's Attic has a wide variety of stuff!  One thing I picked up awhile back was the print below.  When my older brother Carter saw it he said, "that's the same print that hung behind our grandparents kitchen stove."  He was quick to buy it for his house -memorabilia.


  1. Hello there

    I've used one of your photos in my blog to enhance a poem I wrote. I've also linked the photo back to your most delightful site.


  2. Woah! That's really a lot of stuff! Can you even keep track of what's in there? Do you even know where all of this came from? Despite the fact that it's full of things, it doesn't look congested and cluttered, which is quite impressive! I love it! :) Chantay Smithingell