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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rex's Air Tours

     Here's my latest piece - Rex's Air Tours.  The overall dimensions area 72" wide by 72" long by 32" high.  
     This is for sale.  I'm asking $2,200.00 for this piece - plus taxes.
**click on images to enlarge**
     Below are a few photos taken during the making of "Rex's Air Tours".
      I started with an old mailbox for the front of the airplane, then I built the body of pine with the tail being a whale vertebrae.
      There are two windshields, one made from a wooden plate and the other from a tin pie plate.
The undercarriage is from an old golf cart.
     I had a wooden propeller on it first, then I decided a propeller in the shape of a bone (made from pine) would be more suitable for a dog's airplane!
Below are photos of the finished piece - enjoy!!

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