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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Backroad Folkart on Canadian Pickers in November

This article appears today in West Prince Graphic
Thanks to folks at West Prince Graphic for the coverage...its very much appreciated!
Local artist gets noticed in Lauretta -
Wed, 09/04/2013 - 05:15
By Cindy Chant
For one local artist and ‘picker’, Kerras Jeffery, owner and operator of Back Road Folk Art, having a popular television show film at his studio was a bit of a surprise. Film crew and television hosts of Canadian Pickers visited Mr Jeffery’s unique shop in May, but the show will soon hit television waves this fall.
“I was really surprised what they were interested in and what they were not,” said Mr Jeffery, who explained how much of his furniture was not of interest to the Pickers due to the different climate in PEI compared to Alberta. “Because it is more damp here and very dry in Alberta the furniture would twist and turn so they were really interested in the antiques and folk art.”
According to Mr Jeffery, the production crew arrived on his doorstep at 9am and didn’t leave till 5pm. “I told the producer that this was only two thirds of what I have, but unfortunately they didn’t have time to see it all.”
Ten locations were visited prior to filming by scouts from the show and only three locations were used for filming.
“We were told of Back Road Folk Art, and indeed it is located on the road less travelled. I knew the trip was going to be worthwhile when we spotted a colourful tree of fishing floats from the road,” said one of the two hosts Sheldon Smithens. “We had a good chuckle at the giant egg beater in the yard.”
In 2004 Mr Jeffery built the world’s largest hand-held egg beater, which stands 14 feet, four inches tall. The egg beater was recognized a year later from Guinness World Records.
“I enjoyed the wheeling and dealing we did...I am a picker myself,” said Mr Jeffery, who accredits his travels and keeping his ears open as being the reason for his grand selection of antiques.
“We met the proprietor, Kerras Jeffery and he proceed to show us around his organized workshop...This guy is a master woodworker and that’s not all, he showed us an amazing assortment of bric-a-brac and odd bits and pieces that he accumulates on shelves. He then re-purposes them into odd and often humorous Folk Art pieces,” said Mr Smithens. “The ‘button windows’ he invented are simply beautiful, and ingenious.”
Mr Jeffery has not let the popularity go to his head. “The exposure is great.”
“Meeting someone as creative as Kerras makes this ‘treasure hunt’ so much fun.” said Mr Smithens.
The series premiered it’s new season Aug 26 on the History channel, however the show featuring Mr Jeffery will not be aired until later in November.

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